My Story

During an 8-year adventure living in Egypt with my family, I spent many hours with my then-tiny children, collecting an abundance of beautiful shells and treasures. 

Returning home to Devon, I enrolled on a metalsmith course at the Plymouth College of Art, from where my new journey as a jeweller began.  It all started by casting shells and soon extended to shoreline treasures found while out sailing to various beaches on the Cornish and Devon coastlines.

I love nothing better than spending hours at my bench surrounded by my tools, hammers and blow torches, creating interesting jewellery I would love to wear. Sometimes it’s difficult to let a piece go…

My Work

Using traditional metalsmith and casting techniques and 100% recycled silver and gold, I am passionate about creating simple, wearable, organic jewellery, influenced by raw forms and textures.  Each piece is uniquely designed and hand-crafted in my workshop in beautiful Devon on the banks of the river Tamar.   Nestled between the rugged coastline and Dartmoor National Park I can't help but be inspired by the sea and its surrounding abundance of nature.